Why Eat At Home

1. Save Money. The best reason to eat at home is the money you will save. The average cost of eating out at a restaurant is $12 per person. The average cost of eating at home is $5 per person. If the average family of four gave up eating out one night a week, it would save the family almost $1,500 a year on food. Every family has a monthly food budget and the more you can save for your family the better.

2. Eat Healthier. The food is healthier when you control the ingredients and use the freshest fruits and vegetables. Check open dating information, such as the “sell by” or “best-if-used by” date, to select the freshest foods.

3. Enrich Your Life. Studies show that the children of families that dine together regularly at home tend to perform better at school and are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol and drugs.