Jun 1, 2016

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The Eat At Home Alabama website is the creation of the Alabama Grocers Association to provide a resource to consumers on how to save money, eat healthier, enrich your life and promote the grocery industry in the state of Alabama.

The Alabama Grocers Association is a state trade association representing the grocery industry since 1992. With over 120 retail members operating nearly 1,000 stores statewide, as well as over 180 manufacturers, brokers, wholesalers and other members, the AGA is truly the voice of the industry. AGA is completely dedicated to assisting our members in all areas of the industry and committed to staying on top of the issues that face our members on a day to day basis.

The mission of the Alabama Grocers Association is to promote and support the growth and success of the food industry in the state of Alabama by representing its members before legislative and regulatory bodies, proactively seeking and offering education, goods and informative services that promote the best interest of its members and to communicate publicly on behalf of its members on industry related issues.

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Golden Flake

Golden Flake

Golden Flake

Back in 1923, Mose Lischkoff and Frank Mosher had a deceptively simple idea – an idea that grew over the past 80 plus years from two gentlemen and a sack of potatoes into more than 1200 employees and 100 million pounds of potatoes a year. For it was Lischkoff and Mosher whose fresh, kettle-cooked potato chips formed the foundation of the snack food company known today as Golden Flake.


From Magic City Foods, a tiny basement operation located in a Hill’s grocery store, the company grew quickly. In fact, before the curtain closed on 1923, Lischkoff and…


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